Commentaries Environment December 12, 2017

How the Once Tiny Waste Management Industry Captured EPA and Became VERY BIG

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Biotechnology Environment December 4, 2017

Gates Foundation Hired PR Firm to Manipulate UN Over Gene Drives

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Commentaries Environment November 27, 2017

EU Reapproval of Glyphosate Leaves Environmentalists’ Strategy in Tatters; What Now?

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Environment Health November 14, 2017

Years Before Vietnam, the Chemical Industry Knew About Dioxins

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Have Monsanto and the Biotech Industry Turned Natural Bt Pesticides into GMO “Super toxins”?

October 9, 2017
Subunits of Cry1 Crystals showing DNA

Is the supposed safety advantage of GMO crops over conventional chemical pesticides a mirage? According to biotech lore, the Bt pesticides introduced into many GMO food crops are natural proteins whose toxic activity extends only to narrow groups of insect species. Therefore, says the industry, these pesticides can all be safely eaten, e.g. by humans.

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